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Industry Solutions

Alkemy's technology solution recycles waste from various industrial facilities. The waste streams can come from a single industrial source or be combined together with waste from numerous types of industrial facilities. 


Below is a list of just some of the industrial facilities Alkemy can recycle waste from:

Waste-to-Energy Plants (WTE)

Alkemy's technology is the only solution on the market that can recycle 100% of both the bottom and fly ash waste produced by WTE plants. Enabling WTE plants to become 'zero landfill' facilities. 

Coal Combustion Plants (CCP)
Coal power facilities are faced with ever-increasing environmental and land regulations relating to the disposal of their coal ash waste. Alkemy's technology recycles all the coal bottom ash/slag, coal fly ash, and flue gas desulfurization material produced by these plants. Using Alkemy's solution coal-powered plants can eliminate all their disposal expenses while simultaneously adding a new stream of revenue. 


Wastewater Treatment Plants


Alkemy's recycling technology can be applied to all forms of sludge waste produced by wastewater treatment plants. 

Cement / Lightweight Aggregate Plants


Alkemy's technology can recycle fines, lime, and kiln dust produced by cement plants and lightweight aggregate facilities. Mitigating the environmental footprint of these facilities and reducing operating costs. 


Pulp & Paper Mills


Alkemy's technology enables pulp and paper mills to recycle all of the sludge waste produced at their plants.

Iron Ore & Steel Plants
Blast furnace slag produced by iron ore and steel plants can also be recycled using Alkemy's technology.
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