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Building materials for tomorrow's economy

Lightweight Concrete Aggregates


Alkemy Produces 3 types of Lightweight aggregate from waste:

Expandable Lightweight Aggregate
Ultra Lightweight
High Strength Lightweight Aggregate

Product Applications


    Masonry Concrete  |  Precast Concrete  |  Structural Concrete   |  Geo-fill



 Fine Fraction: .5-2mm or 2-4mm


  • Production of concrete and heat resistant fittings.


 Medium Fraction: 4-8mm


  • Production of precast concrete (structural floor tiles, wall tiles, garden hollow tiles, etc.)

  • Production of structural concrete.


 Coarse Fraction: 6-12mm


  • Production of no-fines concrete, light blocks, concrete planks, and heat-insulating screed on floors.

  • Structural concrete.

  • Precast concrete.

  • Backfills in sheeting and retaining walls.

  • Gardening uses.

Product Size


Application Benefits

Structural lightweight concrete:  weight reduction, less reinforcing, enhanced durability.

Precast lightweight concrete: weight reduction, transport savings, larger units, design flexibility.

Masonry lightweight concrete: weight reduction and quick drying.

Geo-fill / Land drainage: reduced HS pressure, transport costs, chemical resistance, and hydraulic conductivity.

Product Accreditation

Alkemy's lightweight concrete aggregates have been independently tested and certified with industry standard accreditations, including:

ASTM certification                              US: EPA TCLP             EU: End-of-Waste Standards

BS/EN certification                             LEED certification


Our aggregates are produced at a lower cost than the mined rock used today and can help your business gain a competitive foothold in the construction industry of the future. Contact us to learn more.

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